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Title: 4 Year plan that makes sense
Post by: VirtualJoker on May 01, 2017, 11:30:18 AM
As we know great adventure is notorious for releasing rides with movies. Below is a list of rides released to movies:
1. Batman & Robin the Chiller 1997 [Defunct] - Batman & Robin
2. Batman: The Ride 1992 - Batman Returns
3. The Joker 2016 - Suicide Squad
4. Harley Quin Crazy Train 2016 [Re-theme] - Suicide Squad
5. Green Lantern 2011 - Green Lantern
6. Dark Knight Coaster 2009 - The Dark Knight
7. Justice League: Battle For Metropolis 2017 - Justice League

There is screaming proof that they will do something for next year and the years following after it. Here is my prediction:
1. Nitro Re theme to Aquaman 2018 - Aquaman
2. Batman the ride is taken down in 2019 after celebrating 25 years (2018) and a new B&M custom invert will be built in that plot of land while making use of the land behind and next to movie town stadium. The ride will be called Shazam 2019 - Shazam
3. Cyborg should be a RMC T-Rex coaster Launched coaster (Park technically only has 1 - Kingda Ka) 2020 - Cyborg
4. 2021 and 2020 could be switched and war on lines 2.0 will be in 2020 with the park getting the flat ride package. Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth [Enterprise V2], Riddlers Revenge [Zamperla Giant Discovery], Catwomans whip [Music Express but in a building for a dark ride setting]

These are my predictions for Major things being added to the park. If one happens, not all will happen the years following. Hopefully all this gets added but i doubt that im right at all.
Title: Re: 4 Year plan that makes sense
Post by: rjholla2003 on May 24, 2017, 01:08:16 AM
I don't see 1 or 2 happening. 3...who knows. I have no real comment on that. 4 would be very nice to have happen, because that continues to be a weak point of the park's ride lineup. It's being addressed now more seriously than before, but we have to hope that if they go with a massive package again that they have the staffing to support it. I'd rather have a smart plan implemented than a large package just dropped on the park.
Title: Re: 4 Year plan that makes sense
Post by: Blackhand1001 on May 30, 2017, 06:09:15 PM
Personally I'd not really sure i'd be happy with replacing Batman with the forceless Garbage B&M makes today. Now if we could get something like Montu in its place i'd be totally game for it.
Title: Re: 4 Year plan that makes sense
Post by: WadeJ on June 15, 2017, 09:02:37 AM
Great topic.  That said, I could see a few rides coming and going in the next 4 years but not because of movie tie-ins or upgrades but rather reaching their useful life span (see Scream Machine).  There does come a point where some of these rides will need massive overhauls and they will need to weigh if it makes more sense to replace or rebuild.  I particular, I sincerely worry about the Log Flume and the Sky Ride but that's just me.  I've heard nothing about them going anywhere.

Nitro is an interesting situation due to it's location to what will ultimately become a full-blown justice league HQ.  Perhaps it's location combined with the fact that it's in dire need of a refresh, could result in a movie tie-in.

And for number 3, either way, regardless of what type of ride, I do believe we are in for a major coaster of some sort in the next 4 years.  I hope!
Title: Re: 4 Year plan that makes sense
Post by: Blackhand1001 on June 27, 2017, 02:09:21 PM
Honestly Great adventure is due for a world class coaster addition. We haven't had a real coaster put in that would make people make the trip here since El Toro Kingda Ka 11-12 years ago. Most of the other six flags parks have all recieved something unique in the last 5 years, even the smaller ones. We also lost a substantial number of coasters in that same time period (5 if you include both sides of the Chiller and Rolling Thunder and Great American Scream Machine). SFGAM, SFMM, SFNE, SFOT all recieved major additions since 2006.

Heck we don't even need something huge, just something with good capacity like Lightning Run at Kentucky kingdom. Tired of all these 4-12 passenger per train rides being added everywhere. Its even worse when a lot of these small train rides are shuttle coasters that can only run 1 train at a time (looking at you premier/Maurer Sohn) An addition like that would be a great for people of all ages as well. Makes a good tweener ride that hardcore enthusiasts would also enjoy a lot. Its also relatively cheap compared to a B&M etc, and arguably a better ride anyways. I am honestly surprised that Chance Morgan hasn't sold more of these since Lightning run was built. Its a cheap good addition and a thrilling one as well.
Title: Re: 4 Year plan that makes sense
Post by: ShelbyKopp on September 04, 2017, 05:52:18 AM
Looking forward to see what's even bigger or not. If compared with the previous.