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Author Topic: 03/01/07 Wiggles World Update  (Read 3496 times)

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03/01/07 Wiggles World Update
« on: December 15, 2008, 12:06:33 AM »
3-1-2007 Off-Season Tour

Before I get started, a HUGE thanks to Angel, Jen, Mark Kane (the President of Great Adventure) and Ernie for taking the time to meet with us and answer all of our questions. It was really neat to feel the energy at the park and the sense of optimism that seems to exceed that of recent years. I know I came away feeling as though they will really succeed this season on each and every task they presented us with. I know we have all felt this way before because most of those we would speak with wanted things to work out but finally in 2007, it seems the many rough spots have been polished to allow for a GREAT season.

Yes, I know everybody wants to see the photos. But interestingly enough, when there isn't a coaster being built, our discussions were actually the more interesting part of today’s tour. I know I will probably goof something up but this is a general rundown of items worth mentioning:

- Kingda Ka will open with 4 trains.
- Johnny Rockets is in fact joining Great Adventure in place of Great American Hamburger.
- Chiller Red will "hopefully" be ready by opening day if not shortly after. Batman shouldn't be far behind.
- Koala Canyon will remain closed off with nothing planned at the time for the cleared land.
- The Batman Stunt Show arena and the Showcase Theatre will remain dark this season.
- Great Adventure is now a 12 month recruitment schedule instead of 2-3 months which should allow for better quality staff.
- Guest Relations received many improvements including more staff and new computers.
- They have the budget for people. They just need more people!
- There are many new employee incentives.
- Future plans include a focus on "tween" rides (flat rides)
- 2008 will include a focus on Hurricane Harbor
- The Q-bot Rental building is HUGE and will have an express lane for those that already know how to use it to make the wait shorter.
- A version of Kodak’s photo pass will be coming to Great Adventure - just like Disney's.
- Package pickup will be available.
- They are considering a major Dark Ride in the future.
- There will be a new drop-off location BEFORE the parking tolls for those not parking which will shorten toll lines.
- The safari entrance will now be through Hurricane Harbor and will also have its own exit road instead of through the parking plaza.
- There is a MAJOR focus on ride uptime. They are serious about all trains running when possible with better reliability.
- Rolling Thunder should be opening with 4 trains.
- A new show will be in the Wilderness Theatre in Bugs Bunny National Park.
- The Safari will remain open on weekdays even after Spring Break ends (the theme park goes back to weekends only until summer).
- The Conservation Station will be ready by opening day.

I'm sure there is more but I couldn't keep up. Mark was very candid and we all sincerely appreciated the time he spent with us and look forward to what is already shaping up to be one outstanding year.

Now onto the photos :)

RIP FreeFall :-(

Premier Rides is handling the track work

Hopefully they get this done soon

The track looks like it is dangling

Last Chiller pic, I promise

This is for you sidewalk repair fans

Work being done on MTWE's bridge

New entrance to Wiggles World. Forgot to ask if the fountain is staying

This was taken near the exit of Skull Mountain

These shops will become part of Wiggles World

The turntable from Poland Spring Plunge will be a stage

The water tower stands out a lot more now

So Sad

Who is Who??

Looks like the Skyride station is getting a new sign

Not something you always get to see

Don't worry!  They have the parts they need this year!

Johnny Rockets!

New Sign

The MUCH needed larger Q-bot rental building

This view may not be much different all year.  No news on the boat show yet.

No clue where the new tables and chairs are going

Musik Express Cars

Musik Express Rehab

Don't think they will move to well here

Bumper Car Rehab

Someting missing here?

Our own bus!

This cutoff from the entrance road will soon be the drop off zone with shuttle service

There will soon be a Wild Safari sign here as well

The new Wild Safari Exit road

Still building it

Portion of Conservation Station

Gift Shop

Still plenty of work to do on Conservation Station but it will be ready!

Smoking Section?

Sun was in the wrong place

Thanks for reading!
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