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Author Topic: New Site Updates!  (Read 2967 times)

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New Site Updates!
« on: March 30, 2009, 04:56:22 PM »
As we approach the beginning of the 2009 season we wanted to discuss some of the additions that we continue to add to this website to make everyone's experience even better!

- First off, we have updated Great Adventure Outpost Mobile! As before, please visit http://m.gadvoutpost.com on your mobile phone to view our mobile version of the site! You can see park hours and events for the day, as well as any closed attractions (for Great Adventure). You can even access the forums from your phone!

Also, you can now view all the attractions at all three parks on the go! Just click on the park you wish to view, and then click on "View Attractions"!

Remember, only access this on your mobile phone if you have a data plan - we don't want you to be charged extra just because of us!

- Next up, we have really been working on the Wild Safari Attraction Guide! You can see a list of almost every animal in every section of the Wild Safari, as well as pictures for many of them! We are currently working on getting information in for every animal and hope to have that completed soon - but you can see some of that now!

We really hope everyone likes the safari section, and we are going to continue to have it grow over the coming months. Let us know!

- And finally, if you can't be at the park opening day then make sure you check out this site! That's all I can say for now :)