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Author Topic: Twitter!  (Read 3327 times)

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« on: October 01, 2009, 10:50:21 AM »
We have been on Twitter for a few months now, but haven't been using it to the fullest. So starting today we are going to change all that!

If you notice, on our main page there is now a "Tweets" section that contains our latest Tweets. You can interact with them in that widget itself, or you can visit our Twitter page at http://twitter.com/gadvoutpost.

We will be using Twitter to post random things involving the park, as well as any breaking news that needs to be announced before one of us can get to writing it on the main page. We will definitely still be using the website for news posts and such, but we wanted to give everyone another way to keep in touch with us!

Examples of what you will find on our Twitter:
- "3 rides on Bizarro is a good conslation prize for wind-cancelled Saturday Night Lights. :)"
- "Govenor Corzine knows how to draw a crowd! Traffic's back to KFC!"

We hope you guys enjoy this! Feel free to follow us and chat with us!

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Re: Twitter!
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2009, 02:46:19 PM »
Love it how they put overlord's avatar on the top