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Author Topic: Waldameer 2013 [PTR]  (Read 796 times)

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Waldameer 2013 [PTR]
« on: March 15, 2014, 04:32:29 PM »
New Park for me!  I really liked it.  It reminded me of a mixture of Camden and Quassy, but with more Gravity Group.

It was a very nice, simple, old time park.  Too bad the weekend was so cold.  But I'm glad they gave us the Gatekeeper jackets at CP because all I'd packed was thin, light clothing.

Comet was fun, reminded me of Big Dipper at Camden.

This was fun.  The outside reminded me of the dark ride at Camden, but the ride was better.

I've been told I missed out since i didn't ride this.

First MS Spinner.  Lots of fun.

My one complain with the park was that RF2 doesn't open till 1pm.  I could have gotten so many more rides, but oh well...

Again, like Camden, the sky ride just goes out and back and isn't used for transportation.  But the view on this one is nicer than Camden's parking lot.

Comet from above.

One of the mega Disk-Os.  I skipped but wish I'd rode it.

I love that you can't see much of RF2 from inside the park.

The overbanks are what make this better than the Gerstlauers.

Despite what Matt thinks (and I think we all have come to the consensus that he has terrible, terrible, awful taste ;-P), RF2 is really good all the way thru.  I like the slower 90* turn at the end.  I'd like a park that had this, Voyage, Boulder Dash, El Toro, and Texas Giant, and I'd be okay.

I loved the classic station.

Enjoyed my time there, wish I'd stayed longer, had I known that my bank card was going to give me issues and cause me to miss Kennywood that evening, I'd have stayed much longer, but that bed at the Hilton (or was it the Sheraton?) in Pittsburg sure felt nice.

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Re: Waldameer 2013 [PTR]
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2014, 05:02:21 PM »
I really like waldameer as well. It's like a newer less awesome version of knoebels. RF2 is really awesome, it's an 8/10 by day and a 11/10 at night.

Best spinner, and kiddie woodie I've been on as well.

I didn't like whacky shack, but pirates cove is really cool.

They also have a great flume, but it sounds like it was too cold for that on your visit.

See any midgets by any chance?