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Author Topic: The Rest [PTR]  (Read 801 times)

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The Rest [PTR]
« on: March 20, 2014, 12:09:22 AM »
And this is a summation of the rest of what I did for 2013.

I gots a puppy!  This is Mr. Snarky.

So we went to the spring car show at Charlotte Motor Speedway.


Shelby was the master!

On the track.

I could have had this for less than $20k.  Vipers are my dream car.


Extreme closeup.

Third time seeing this show (Vegas, touring in Charlotte, and local).  The diva wasn't very good, but the show is still funny.

Took my nephew and friends to Free Comic Book Day, had a lot of fun.

Love me some Vortex in Hotlanta G.A.

My First 5K!  Me and my nephew also did the Electric Run (Seriously, my nephew moved down here this in 2013 and it's been the best year of his life, he's done more in 12 months than in the previous 12 years).

And while I'm not really a huge fan, I went to one of the best concerts I've been too (one of the loudest too, as far as the audience goes, and it was non-stop energy for 2 hours)

It had a really neat opening, and not even an album to promote...

Yup.  I went to see Beyonce'.

I was surprised at how well put together the show was, and how high energy it was.  I'm a huge Janet Jackson fan, but Bey really beat her with this.  Heck, as far as pop goes, this was one of the best pop shows I've seen in 3 decades.

And even before it became a meme, she looked ***Flawless.

The main stage was huge, but then she had an (equally huge) in the round stage at the other end of the arena, which was where I was at.

I also went to some fairs.  This was one county over...

It was purty at nite.

It had a decent midway.  But then...

The same midway came to my county (and just up the road from my house) the next weekend.  I didn't ride anything but we did go and walk around.

And I had fried cheesecake on a stick.

Work cake for me and my former supervisor (at my former job).  That's me riding a roller coaster with an iPad and iPhone in my hands.

I finally started to landscape my house (So much more to do).

Oh yeah, and I did this a bunch.

Did Zombie High too, but it kinda sucked.

I guess I'll get to do this next weekend.